Paintings and Blockchains: What are Cryptoarts?


Any person, who has dealt with bitcoin at any one point, clearly understands that the safest place to store your coins is offline. Ever since crypto currencies were introduced into the market, the popularity of cold storage devices has been on the rise considering the fact that it offers users more security compared to online alternatives. Currently, there are several ways that bitcoin holders may choose to store their coins offline. Most of these cold storage options are much similar to one another, especially when exploring the security aspect. However, while all these options presented holders with reliable storage alternative, there was a gap in the market for twofold use offline storage devices. This, in turn, led to the introduction of Bitcoin art. By capitalising on this concept cryptoartists were able to present crypto-coin holders with an ideal alternative for storing their crypto currencies.

What is Crypto-art?
Cryptoart is a great piece of art, which doubles up as a cold storage device for crypto coins. By doubling up as a masterpiece, this piece of art is able to hide crypto coins in plain sight, while mesmerising visitors with its stunning beauty. Crypto-artists will come up with original paintings and then embed a paper wallet within these paintings. To attain this, the artists will place a public key’s readable QR code on the painting, while at the same time placing a corresponding private key underneath a security sticker, on the backside of the painting. This also makes the paper wallet dynamic as well, considering the fact that the amount stored within the paint may change from time to time. Cryptoarts are available in three different sizes, which are designed to fit in frames. The certificates are the smallest Cryptoarts and can be kept inside a presentation book. In case you are on a tight budget then you can always look out for frames or alternatively store the Cryptoarts within a book.

How Does Cryptoart Work?
Each of these bitcoin arts are hand assembled. On the front of the art, the artist places a QR code and on the back, the artist places a private key underneath a sticker. To send money to the bitcoin art, the owner will be required to first scan the QR code with any type of mobile wallet. The QR Code found on the front side of the paint is the owner’s Bitcoin address. The Bitcoin address can only be used to send money. To reclaim the currency, the owner will first remove the sticker, which is located on the back of the paint and then insert the private key, which is a lengthy alphanumeric code into a Bitcoin wallet or Bitcoin exchange. Users who are experienced in Cryptoarts can easily exchange the QR Code without necessarily damaging the art.

With that said, apart from being reliable cold storage devices, Cryptoarts never expire. Moreover, they can also be presented as gifts to loved ones or colleagues. Moreover, they are also redeemable at all major exchanges which in turn means that you can easily cash in your Crypto-art.

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